Jun 9, 2007

Google Adwords

* Intro to keywords (0:00 - 0:19)

* Keyword defined (0:20 - 1:10)

* Keyword optimzation (1:11 - 2:53)

* Google Adwords (2:54 - 4:38) Here's the magic link!

* Wrap up (4:39 - 5:04)

We've all heard about Google Adsense, but have you heard about Google Adwords before? You may or may not have heard about it but do you know howto truly use it? I don't like to pay money for it and I know you don't too and therefore I will show you a link where you can use "free" of charge from Google directly which directly help you to define which keyword or topic to talk or optimize about through today's video. As you know, it's important to optimize your site. First and foremost visitors, why? Because these visitors are the "gold" of any web site!! Without visitors, having Adsense is useless, having any type of advertisement is useless. To make money smart, you must understand the importance of how a web site works. Once you understand it, you have to "correctly" direct your traffic there so you can make some serious cash with your blog or web site. Obviously I have posted many posts about that, but back onto the topic of Google Adwords here's the link below. I'm a bit lazy today so I'll just drop the link and stop talking, be sure to watch the video. Have a great weekend, friends. :)

Google Adword external tool link - here!

"Making money smart"

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