Jul 4, 2007

Monetize your site with Text Link Ads

* Intro to Text Link Ads or TLA(0:00 - 0:19)

* Text Link Ads explained (0:20 - 2:00)

* How much does TLA pay? (2:01 - 2:20)

* The convenience of TLA (2:21 - 3:30)

* Wrap up (3:31 - 3:55)

Now, I've introduced many ways of making money over the web and yet today's post is going to be not just another way to make money on the web but "the" easiest way to make money on the web. What is it? Well, it is through placing "text link ads" in your web site and you can see some of its' details in its' process through my video today.

The basic requirement is simple; your blog must obtain some page rank with Google. Obviously like most advertising service they require your blog to not contain any pornography, sexual, or advertising content. The higher your PR is, the better the amount that is being offered to your blog. How Text Link Ads work is in some ways similar to Google Adsense. Google Adsense places ads in your blog according to your contents. As the content changes so does the ad in effort to match your content. Text Link Ads are different that they place ads in your site according to how much the merchant is willing to pay for advertisement for "x" period of time.

For example: let's say that your blog is about money and that's all you ever talk about in your blog. What Google Adsense does is decide what type of advertisements that are most suitable to your blog and in most cases the ads keep changing although they are all money related. If you decide to talk about your dinner one day then the ads turn into something in relations to the topic instead. So in ways, merchants don't really have any sort of control over where their ads are being placed nor is it stabilized. It is simply rotated around various different spots in Google's network according to Google's algorithm.

What Text Link Ads does differently essentially is that your ads are placed in a blog or web site at a fixed period of 30 days. This means that your ads are not rotated around during this period nor does the blogger's topic effect the nature or positioning of your ad in any way. This makes the ads a lot more stable and obviously more effective. Most experienced bloggers who blog, regardless of their niche sometimes ramble on other areas that's not related to their topic. That's only normal, afterall who can really talk about the same topic all day long forever? Including myself, sometimes I just run out of things to say! The majority do go back to their main subject in their blog and unlike Google Adsense which may switch ads around in these cases, Text Link Ads doesn't and in many ways provide stability to the advertiser in their 30 day turn around time.

Now moving toward monetization. Monetizing with Text Link Ads is the same as adding links to your web site. Just by placing text links into your blog you will be paid in a monthly basis! Yes, it's that easy! Google Adsense needs your visitors to click on your ads for you to receive any sort of compensation but Text Link Ads doesn't. What the advertisers does is essentially renting a spot in your blog and just placing their link in your blog you get paid for it! So if you were to open up 10 spots in Text Link Ads and each ad were to pay you $4 a month, you have just received over $40 a month right on the spot! It comes similar to a form of rent, so every month you can expect $40 from the advertisers automatically! If your page rank is really high, you may charge up to $15 or more a month per spot!

Obviously to achieve a blog or site with a decent page rank is not easy and it takes time. However, once you have reached it why not monetize it and let it generate you some nice income? Do take advantage of it and that's really how you can make money smart through your blog. -Swapw


bluepanjeet said...

that was a nice tip buddy. but do you mean one cannot have a text link ad if one has no page rank? ohh that would be a hard work for the newbies.

don't worry. you'll soon get enough page rank. with all the nice stuff you've been posting, people would somehow get to know you. I linked you up on my blogroll so that my other friends can visit your site.


xquisite said...

hi swapw,
good job as always...i'm looking forward to hearing your videos every day :) (happy 4th of july too...)


halsanf said...

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