Jul 12, 2007

Importance of a website design

For some of us, we did all the right things that others have told us; having our own unique content, placing ads, and done all the things that others have told us but we still don't see any results from our hard work through the number of visitors or our monetary income that is generated from our web site. What's wrong here?

You would be surprised at how basic these problems can be, but many times it's really easy for you and I to overlook into the nature of our website and how it is being designed. I will be explaining about it through my video today. Design is very important to the life of a website. Take my own website for example. For those of you that has been following my posts since the beginning you would know that I have made a lot of changes throughout the past few months in my own website. From settling in the beginning with just a very standardized template offered by Blogger to something more personally designed today. The contents remain the same, but the results and difference are clearly astounding based on templates alone.

Is the look of your website dull? Is your website a bit overcrowded? Are you placing too many ads or banners in your website? Or are the spacings just a little bit off? As little of an issue as it sounds, it can really portray your personality through your page. Let's face it, if you use a blogger given template, how many additional people will choose the same type of template as yourself? The chances are, probably tons and your content may be a lot better then the next person writing however since the templates are similar a lot of time people would just assume it's similar to each other.

It's always better to design your own template if you have some knowledge in programming to make your own template one of a kind. However, if you don't know any coding there are actually many websites which offer free templates. The ones that I've seen which I would recommend would be from the following links. Obviously you can always customize with different pictures or colors instead as well, enjoy! -Swapw






Wraithstrider said...

I think many people has taken web design for granted.

-- WraithStrider

Wraithstrider said...

I think many self proclaimed web developers has taken web design for granted.

-- WraithStrider

xquisite said...

thats right...i totally agree with you on that one! design, a lot of times, can decide within seconds for people to stay in website or not. after all, we're all about first impression, right? ;)

Sunny said...

hey thank you... the last post was not a rose, it is a wild flower, don`t know the scientific name for it!


Swapw said...

Yes, design is very crucial. I use to not care as much as I would like to be and boy was I wrong, if you have the right designs people just flock over! Contents are important but how you display yourself to the world presents how put together you are as a person.