Feb 27, 2008

Page Rank vs SERP

Google Page Rank or PR has been the long time standard for many site owners, bloggers, as well as webmasters along with SERP or Search Engine Result Page. Recently, a range coming from a lot of webmasters as well as bloggers are starting to state that the Google Page Rank is no longer important in the race to become the most popular site with traffic.

What I find it comical are some of the leading bloggers and webmasters all of a sudden, just overnight starts to pass to other people the lies that Google has changed its algorithm and that page rank is no longer of importance without any sort of proof. When a reputable blogger speaks up about an idea, the power that they have on many webmasters and blog community is that a lot of them will follow them without questioning them.

In many ways, page rank actually has to do with SERP. To rank well, you must build up your backlinks in quality. The same thing applies to PR but not as heavy. How well the content is being portrayed is very heavy on both PR and SERP so there are actually quite a bit of similarity here. Obviously there are other ways to promote both of these areas but the top two are the ones I've just mentioned. Thus, to say that to concentrate on one area and neglecting on another area is almost bogus since they are both connected with one another in various ways.

Yes, having a high SERP gives you a lot of free organic traffic from Google. However, to build a successful site and authority site is beyond traffic. I can almost bet that all of the reputable bloggers and webmasters who started all this talk is probably taking advantage of this opportunity to build up their PR while everyone else is overseeing it and come back several months later to say how important it is, blah blah blah.

Don't clog your judgment due to rumors or fabs, Google PR is a measuring stick. Remember, besides other bloggers there are also newbies that are searching for various blogs. For them, what Google determines as good is as authoritative as it gets! On the internet, traffic is big money. When two sites both have the same traffic and as good of a site with one another what makes a big difference is how each is being ranked with Google. If you have that edge then you are definitely winning the race.

Unless Google comes out and says that PR is no longer something they look at, you can bet on its confidence for other users. Take advantage of this situation and focus on your PR is the best way for your websites or blog to make money. Staying in the trend with others don't make you the big bucks, being on top of it will. - Swapw


ways to make money online said...

that was an interesting and informative article.. google has penalized my blogs.. congrats on your PR 3.

princeify said...

this is really interesting,i really learnt a lot from your post and i sure would come back for more.cheers

Money Magnet said...

I do think PR is important for Google SERP's but here is a strange situation. One of my blogs used to be a PR5 until I added TLA. Then it fell to a PR3 then fell again to a PR2 and now I think it is a PR0. I became a little concerned but this has not affected my SERP's position nor traffic and actually my traffic is still growing. It has affected nothing negatively except for the PR number. Since TLA makes good money each month, I'm not going to remove it.

LDL said...

Interesting info..